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A photo of a Horchata Latte from Cafe Corizon with their flaming heart logo on top in cinamon

Food Photography

Every business needs branding materials. And restaurants have one of the greatest needs of all. It's said that we eat first with the eyes long before the smell or the taste reaches our other senses. And what better way to serve your customers' senses and get them excited over your menu than to give them a digital taster through the power of menu branding?

A photo featuring the Espresso Chip Muffins at Mudpie Bakery in Overland Park

The Experience

At 8-Tracks Photography, we believe in bespoke.


No two restaurants are going to do things the same way nor will they want to have the same services done. We want to work with you to create a unique shot list for your business from the number of photos each menu item receives to whether your session includes branding shots of the restaurant and staff. Each experience is handcrafted down to the placemats to make sure you receive the photos you have been dreaming about.

Book with Us

Ready to book or want more information? Shoot us an email at or send a text to (913) 703-5863

Photo of a vegan Jalepeno Cheddar Scone from Mudpie Bakery in Overland Park
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